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Tips for Using This Site

Friends Don't Let Friends Travel Uninformed
What hotel would your best friend recommend?

When you’re picking a hotel, nothing is better than a recommendation from a friend. A friend will tailor their recommendation based on what matters to you. You don’t care if the hotel has a 24 hour pool, but you definitely want it to be within walking distance to a killer brunch spot. Let OpinionWell be your friend and we'll find the reviews that matter to you. Select one to many categories and we’ll rate the hotel based on what matters to you. You can't go wrong when you start with recommendations from friends.
What’s the Word
Ever wonder why some hotels are more popular than others?

OpinionWell’s hotel review keyword cloud highlights what people are talking about - hot features, problem areas, and common complaints. Whether good or bad, these are probably worth taking a look at before you book. Unless you are an I’m-sure-it-will-look-exactly-like-it-does-in-the-picture kind of person. If you’re that person, you can skip this feature. (You’ll be back.)
Time Matters
Wish there was a faster way to read hotel reviews?

Sometimes you don’t have time to read through the details of some guy’s family vacation with his in-laws in order to get the information you need. The Features tab of each hotel profile includes a search tool. Quickly find all the feedback that matters to you, like “bed comfort”, “bathroom size”, or “family friendly”. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it. More hotel info, less in-laws.
Trust Issues
Have you ever read a review that seemed too good to be true?

Not all reviews are what they seem. When researching a hotel, you need to avoid biased reviews to get to the truth. OpinionWell allows you to shake out the shill reviews and hear what the crowd is saying. You can review all comments about a hotel service or feature in a single view, sort by opinion, and pick out feedback trends. If ten comments about the beds at that new B&B are negative and one is positive, guess which one was written by the staff? Get the facts without the spin. Who knew the web could be so dramatic?
Hotel Rumors
How do you know when the rumors are true?

Don't let rumors spoil your vacation. Find out the truth on OpinionWell. Use one of the many review analysis features to find out how travelers really feel about that new hotel. Use the keyword cloud to see what people are saying most, or search for specific comments using the search tools. Either way, let OpinionWell do the work to determine whether the beds are hard. Don't let rumors steer you wrong. Find the truth.

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